Pronouncement about the report written by the OAS and the Nicaraguan government

Pronouncement about the report written by the OAS and the Nicaraguan government




Having read the “report of the conversation table and the constructive exchange between the Government of Nicaragua and the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States", in order to inform the public of our official position and to contribute to the process of national dialogue that said report should promote:


I. That in some sectors of the Nicaraguan population, the leaders of some political factions have generated expectations surrounding the talks between the General Secretariat of the OAS and the Nicaraguan government, promoting that such conversations could motivate rejection of the electoral results of the Recent presidential elections and a reorganization of the Nicaraguan Electoral Power,

II. That these expectations are in fact unfounded, because it does not correspond to any multinational entity nor to any foreign government, regardless of the goodwill and intentions that impel them, to solve the internal problems that we must solve as Nicaraguans and as a sovereign nation,

III. That the subjugation of the political forces that competed in the electoral process of the year two thousand and sixteen, both the electoral process itself and the Supreme Electoral Council as the governing body of that process, as well as the results, through the acceptance of the seats assigned to them, is sufficient reason for any multinational entity or foreign nation to give valid and legitimized the current government of Nicaragua,

IV. That, contrary to what some opposing factions expected and proclaimed, this report consolidates the legitimacy of the current Nicaraguan government as a valid interlocutor before the international community. However, this report could be a good starting point for a broad and open national dialogue, which will allow us to restart democratic processes that have been abandoned not only by the government, but also by the citizens themselves,

V. That it is the obligation of the Nicaraguan government to comply with and enforce the laws, but above all, the will of the Nicaraguan citizens, both those who have voted for the FSLN Alliance and those who have voted against it or have not exercised their right to vote. The appearance of legality with which some governmental actions are carried out can in no way justify actions openly at odds with democratic laws and principles. The opinion of every Nicaraguan is important and should be taken into consideration by the government,

VI. That during the electoral process carried out at the end of last year, the scarce Nicaraguan participation was notorious. This should be a matter of concern to all of the national political groups, even more so, as a result of this massive abstention, the current party has managed to ensure their continuity in power for an additional period, without sufficient citizen support to confer internal legitimacy, which is the one that really should concern us,

VII. That it is clear the Nicaraguan citizens have real problems, both present and in their gestation, that should concern them much more than a democracy understood basically as the "alternation in power", with no justification other than the self-interest of some politicians to reach positions from which they have done little to nothing to solve these problems, among others: unemployment, shortages of life, social security crisis, poor public services, terrible performance of education and health systems, etc.,

VIII. That, with all of the expressed above, it is in the best interest of Nicaraguan citizens to take advantage of the dialogue initiated between the government of Nicaragua and the OAS to really solve the problems of lack of credibility suffered by the Supreme Electoral Council and thus ensure that municipal elections To be held this year will allow the active participation not only of traditional political groups, but of every citizen who has proposals and wishes to work from a position of popular choice in local government spaces.


I. We firmly declare our willingness, determination and commitment to continue promoting the creation and consolidation of a new political force focused on providing real and feasible proposals to solve the problems that afflict the Nicaraguan citizens, especially those that affect the youth and threaten the future of our childhood,

II. We thank the officials of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the efforts made in our country and express our agreement with the part they have played in drafting the joint report,

III. We urge the existing national political groups to direct political debates and actions to the search for solutions to the real problems of the population; so that politics regains its true meaning and content, no emptier slogans,

IV. We demand that the Nicaraguan government immediately initiate a process of removing politicization of the state institutions, starting with the structures of the Electoral Power, the Supreme Court of Justice, and the Executive Branch itself. The government is obliged to understand that its mandate is to govern for all Nicaraguans, without exception or discrimination, therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary for a foreign entity or government to define what decisions we must take to resolve our internal problems. We call on the government in turn to pay attention to the nonconformity that has accumulated against them during these ten long years they have been exercising power uninterruptedly. Nicaraguans can and must agree on the issues that affect us all, only in this way can we guarantee peace, social stability and progress,

V. We call on Nicaraguan citizens to be actively involved in the political processes of change that the country demands, because democracy, in the end, rather than a right or political model, is a form of social life, an exercise which requires voluntary, conscious and proactive citizen participation.

Because a new Nicaragua is possible, let's build it together!

Managua, January 27, 2017.

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